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Return Shipping Instructions

Note: 2-day air unless otherwise specified.

Note: Insurance value will be taken into account by your shipping provider when estimating shipping costs and final pricing.


Services Requested

Notes and Detailed Description of Unit Malfunction (If Applicable)

Suggested key notes: lamp, heating, test mode, pump, flow rates, temperatures, calibration ranges, accuracy, precision, etc...

The returned materials were subjected to hazardous chemicals but have been properly cleaned in compliance with all relevant regulations and are safe to handle without special precautions

All material returned to Ohio Lumex must be accompanied by a completed RMA form.

What to Include with Returned Equipment

To allow us to fully evaluate and service returned equipment, Ohio Lumex recommends that all related parts and accessories are included with the instruments. Failure to include all parts may result in delayed or incomplete service.


Instruments can generally be returned in their Pelican cases via UPS or FedEx Express. Please ship to the address at the top of this document. To lower the risk of damage during shipping, Ohio Lumex recommends shipping via air with the exception of 915J consoles which should be shipped LTL on a pallet to further reduce risk of damage. Ohio Lumex is not responsible for damage in shipping.

Evaluation and Pricing

Instruments returned for repairs or calibration will undergo an initial evaluation followed by a quote for the recommended services (if any). If the recommended services are declined, the instrument will be returned to the customer along with an invoice for the evaluation/processing fee and shipping charges. Due to the nature of servicing sophisticated instrumentation, certain repairs or component replacements may need to take place before being able to complete the evaluation process. In these situations, the service may be quoted incrementally as the evaluation process progresses.

Delays and Storage

Ohio Lumex asks that quotes are responded to in a timely manner to facilitate the service of analyzers. Due to limitations in storage space and out of respect for all customers, Ohio Lumex does not offer extended storage periods. Ohio Lumex reserves the right to return equipment at the customer‘s expense if a response is not received within two weeks. In the event that equipment remains in the custody of our service department, the customer agrees an additional holding fee may be applied to the final invoice.


To avoid contamination of Ohio Lumex facilities and to limit employee exposure, customer is responsible for decontaminating all materials including instruments, accessories, and packaging prior to shipment. Ohio Lumex checks materials for mercury contamination upon receipt and will either return contaminated materials or provide a quote to decontaminate or replace affected items. Instruments received over 1000ng/m3 Hg contamination are subject to a preliminary contamination abatement fee of $1800 which, for ambient air instruments, includes replacement of the sample hose, canvas bag, case foam, and Pelican Case. Instruments received over 2.5 μg/m3 will be returned to the customer for decontamination before service may begin.

State of Contamination
The returned materials were subjected to hazardous chemicals but have been properly cleaned in compliance with all relevant regulations and are safe to handle without special precautions.
The returned materials may be contaminated with hazardous chemicals. The material packaging will contain the necessary markings along with safe handling instructions and applicable Safety Data Sheets. These documents will also be emailed to Ohio Lumex and permission will be received prior to shipping the materials.
The returned materials are not contaminated and are safe to handle without special precautions.

I have read the above policy and I am returning this material in accordance with these terms.